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Quality is never an accident; it is always
the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin (English author and art

Our company's philosophy

We enjoy our tasks.

To enjoy our tasks, we have to be good.

Let our clients judge how good we are.

Because we are successful, we have to be good,

Otherwise we would not also enjoy it.

Necessity of a business philosophy

As a business, a company must of course make a profit. But this should not be the only aim of a company.
The profit must be used for investing in further improvements in quality and business expansion so that the company continues to make progress. The more people involved in a firm, the more the firm should strive to fulfil its vision and try to realize its ideals and dreams. Only when a company shows that it is striving for its ideals, will everyone involved in the firm be happy. This is the duty and purpose of a business in society.
When a company forgets to make progress and tries to maintain only its status quo, then it will fail.

Business philosophy - a definition

Explicitly, for example documented in leadership principles, or implicitly followed attitudes of owners or managers of a business in contrast to those of society, the economy and the individual. The business philosophy encompasses three components:
  • Position in society (referring to the business in relation to society and politics)
  • Model (referring to the business in relation to its competitors)
  • Social model (leadership philosophy)
This philosophy influences to some extent the social responsibility of the business, its strategies and its aims as well as its leadership style and leadership principles.
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